Why book a professional photo booth in Essex? Banter in the Booth

Why book a photo booth? It’s a fair enough question. Weddings are so steeped in tradition that the idea is quite a foreign concept to some. You’ll probably already have a photographer, so why would you want a photo booth too? That aside, couples who do opt to have a photo booth at their wedding sometimes look for ways to cut costs. One of the ways of bringing costs down, can be to DIY a photo booth.

This post is going to look at why we would always recommend hiring a professional photo booth in Essex, or wherever it may be that your event is taking place.

Guests enjoying a photo booth in Essex dressed up

DIY photo booths in Essex

During our time working in the wedding industry, we have seen our fair share of DIY photo booths. This is when a couple have decided not to book a photo booth provided by a professional company. Instead they have opted for a DIY version. Sometimes they work really well. Sadly however, often they aren’t as well utilised as they could be! There are several reasons for this.

If you’re DIYing a photo booth, it’s usually due to wanting to save some money. Understandable, but this can sometimes mean there’s a smaller selection of props or backdrops available. Guests can quickly tire of these, especially if they’re the same bits you can pick up in the pound shop, which many will have seen many times before. There’s only so many times the same ginger wig and novelty glasses can be passed amongst 120 guests before it starts to lose its LOL factor.

We have years of experience in this area, so we know what kind of props work best, and when to bust out the big guns.

Guests enjoying a photo booth in Essex

Manning the photo booth

When there’s no one to man the booth, props also tend to grow legs and go walkies. They end up on the dance floor, taken off to (and left in) the loos, the bar….anywhere but the prop box basically. This in turn means that again, you end up with a sparse looking prop box and guests can quickly lose interest as a result. When you book a photo booth with a professional company there should be an attendant on hand to prevent this happening.

If you have a friend or guest manning your photo booth, this can sometimes make your guests feel a little shy. No one wants to act silly and make a fool of themselves in front of someone they know. Even if they only know them vaguely.

That’s why photo booths run by the wedding photographer aren’t always as successful as standalone booth bookings. They’ve been there all day, so there’s already an air of familiarity, which can sometimes make guests feel self conscious. Having a professional, anonymous attendant really brings people out of themselves, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from your booth.

Guests in a photo booth in Essex

On site printing

One of the main reasons that couples tend to make the leap and book a photo booth with a professional company is due to the on site printing facility.

It’s incredibly rare that a DIY photobooth will have on site printing, so all the fun of the booth is lost really. You lose the hilarity of seeing your photos in print and sharing those moments of laughter with your mates. The same laughter that then draws more guests in to have a go on their own. The whole fun of a photo booth are the prints! It’s the novelty aspect!

If there are times when the booth isn’t being well utilised, our experienced, professional attendant can encourage people to use it or let them know it’s there. Often DIY photo booths are placed in a side room out of necessity, which mean they can be completely overlooked if there’s no one there encouraging its use. When you book a photo booth, we want it to be used. So if need be, we crack on and encourage its use.

Bride and groom messing around in a photo booth in Essex

We can only speak for our own, but professional booths utilise professional equipment. This means clearer images, better quality, and photographs you’ll want to look back on and enjoy. Grainy phone or tablet images aren’t ideal for making memories.

No drama! With a professional booth you don’t have to worry about a thing. We deal with the set up and shut down and tidying away. You don’t have to worry about roping in anyone to take care of any of that. Furthermore, ourselves and our equipment are fully insured, so that’s another weight off your mind.


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