A bit about our photo booths

Why choose Banter in the Booth?

At Banter in the booth, we’re a small, independent couple run business with family working in the wedding and events industry since 2011. We understand what it takes to create and maintain a great atmosphere and we’d like to think we’re the number one choice for a professional photo booth in Essex.

Our photo booths

Our sleek, modern, open booths allow your guests to dip in and out without having to step away from the party. Not only does this make them super accessible, but it also means you won’t have to worry that your booth will keep everyone away from the dance floor. With us, you can have both! A brilliant atmosphere and a bangin’ booth too! We believe wholeheartedly that our booths are more social and therefore more fun!

Unlike many of the traditional, oval photo booths in Essex, our unique design means that they can be totally discreet and accessible. Better still, they’re stylish enough to slip seamlessly into any wedding or event. No matter your theme, colour scheme or vision, a booth from“Banter in the booth” is a great choice!

As a close-knit, family business we are proud of the relationships we have with our clients. We have a solid reputation for delivering a quality product and service. From our family to yours, we’re committed to making your event one to remember.

We are fully insured!

Our custom built, stylish, modern booths will fit seamlessly into any event or occasion. They’re not large or obtrusive and they don’t require shed loads of space. The Photo booth itself is totally open on all sides, making it ideal for guests with disabilities or for groups. And if you’re limited on space or prefer something more discreet, we can do that too! Photo booths are our thing, so you get the best of the best when you book us.

As specialists in this area, our Photo booth pricing is competitive. Our rates are a fair reflection of what goes into running a sustainable events business. Which means you can be confident that you’ll get exactly what you booked.

Why might you consider a photo booth in Essex for your wedding, event or special occasion?

If you are hosting an event or celebration, a photo booth from Banter in the Booth is the perfect accompaniment to your celebration. Not only are they suitable for all age groups, but they are also one of the most cost effective forms of entertainment that leave your guest with a tangible item to take away. Unlike more traditional forms of entertainment, such as a magician or chocolate fountain for example, when you book a professional photo booth for your celebration, your guests are left with more than just memories.

A photo booth allows guests to access the entertainment provided in their own time. They wont need to wait for someone to approach their table, or feel obliged to participate. Photo booths provide accessible fun for everyone. Throughout your booking slot guests will be free to approach and use the photo booth at their leisure. They are free to visit time and time again if they choose, ensuring that your guests are thoroughly entertained throughout your celebration. The additional advantage that Banter in the Booth has is the fact that all our photo booths in Essex are open. Which means that the fun is never hidden away behind a curtain. Our photo booths provide an inclusive and social experience for everyone. They are also group friendly, which makes them an ideal choice for events such as weddings or proms.

If you are hosting an event in Essex, or one of the surrounding counties and are considering hiring a photo booth, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can’t go wrong with a bit of “Banter in the Booth” after all!

So if bulky photo booths aren’t doing it for you, try Banter in the booth instead. No drama. No probllama.